A “shortcut” is a small icon that you can add to your computer’s desktop to enable quick access to your Keep&Share account. This icon is similar to a browser bookmark in that it can directly link to anything that you want in your account, except it will appear on your desktop and not in your browser. When you want to access your account, all you need to do is double click on the Keep&Share icon on your desktop and a new browser will open to the page you saved in your shortcut.

To create a shortcut icon on your desktop, you will first need to navigate to the Keep&Share page you want to save on your desktop using your preferred internet browser.

  1. Open your preferred internet browser (ex. Edge, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari)
  2. Navigate to the Keep&Share page you want to save as a shortcut on your desktop
  3. Resize the internet browser window so you can see both your computer's desktop and the browser window on the same screen.
  4. Click on the icon or green bar on the left-hand side of the address bar
  5. While still holding the mouse button down, drag the mouse from your browser to your desktop and then release the mouse button
  6. Your new shortcut will be on your desktop

Follow the steps in the image below:

If you are looking to add a shortcut to your mobile device, learn more about Keep&Share mobile shortcuts.