Keep&Share makes it easy to add birthdays to your Calendar so that you never forget another birthday. If you want to add birthdays of your friends and family to your Calendar, there are two ways you can do this:

  1. By manually adding a repeating Event on your Calendar
  2. By attaching address birthdays to your Events

When you are adding birthdays to your Calendar, we recommend creating a new calendar in your account that will be just for birthdays. Then you can make that Calendar a Calendar Overlay and add it to all of your other Calendars in your account.

Manually adding repeating Events

When you add a birthday to your Calendar, you can set that Event up so that it repeats only once a year on the same day. To do this, please follow the steps below:

Once you have selected “Annually” from the “Repeat” drop-down menu be sure to not select an end date for your Event. This will allow your birthday Event to repeat every year on that same day in your Calendar without any extra work from you.

You can further customize your birthday Event with Event Tags. Event Tags will make all of your birthday Events look similar so that you can visually pick out those Events from other Events faster. You can also add an Event Reminder to your birthday Events so that you can be forewarned of when birthdays are occurring.

Attaching address birthdays to your Events

When you add addresses to your Address Book, you have the option of adding a birthday for your contact. If you have added a birthday, you then have the option of attaching that address and the matching birthday information to your Calendar. This will also allow you to attach a phone number or an email address at the same time, making it easy to find contact information on your Calendar. Follow the steps in the image below:

Once you have copied your address information and clicked on the “Copy Data & Go to My Calendars” button, you will be automatically taken to your “Calendars” screen. you will need to navigate to the birthdate of that contact on your Calendar and create an event for that day. The information that you copied from your address will automatically appear in the text field for your Event. You can then proceed with creating an annually repeating Event as if you were creating the birthday manually from scratch.