Aside from creating a link to your Bookmarks on a website, you can also embed the Bookmarks on any web page. “Embedding” is whenever you are posting your applications into other websites or blogs. You can embed individual items (ex. a single photo) or groups of items (ex. a folder of documents) using a snippet of code generated by Keep&Share. This code can be copy and pasted into the HTML source of your web page.

Note: Embedding is a feature only available to paid Solo and Team accounts.

To embed your Bookmarks, our embedding code is based around using an iFrame. Any time that you make an edit to a Bookmark on Keep&Share, the embedded item on your web page will instantly reflect those edits without you having to make any changes to your web page.

You can also use certain URL parameters added on to your embedding code to show only certain features of your applications or to make your applications behave in a particular way.

To learn more about how you can embed your Bookmarks into your website, please visit the Keep&Share Developer site.