Depending on what type of account plan that you have, you are allowed only a certain number of Day Notes and Events that can be added to your Calendar. Free Basic plans can have up to 500 entries and paid Solo and Team plans can have up to 3,000 entries. If you are near or over the maximum number of entries of your account, you will receive a billboard warning that will appear at the top of your Calendar screen.

If you are over capacity, you will need to erase some of your Calendar entries in order to add new entries. You can quickly and easily erase old Calendar entries by using our “Erase older data to free up space.” This tool helps you to erase entries in bulk that are older than a certain time period chosen by you.

Note: This is a permanent action and cannot be reversed. We recommend backing up a copy of your Calendar entries that are going to be erased, which you will have the opportunity to do while you are selecting what entries to delete in the "Erase older data to free up space" screen.

Accessing the Erase older data to free up space

First, you will need to open the "Erase older data to free up space" screen in order to delete your older Calendar entries. You can do this by accessing the “Customize” screen for your Calendar, or by clicking on the link in the billboard warning you received. Follow the steps in the image below:

Also, you can see how many entries you are currently using at the top of your “Delete my calendar or erase specific data” tab panel in the “Customize” screen.

Erasing older data

Once you have opened the "Erase older data to free up space" screen, a .KCS file (Keep&Share Format) of the Calendar entries that will be deleted will be automatically saved to a folder named “Calendar Saved Data” in your “Files” application. Follow the steps below:

Learn more about how to restore deleted events to your calendar.

If you don't want to erase any of your old Calendar entries, you can always purchase one of our expansion packs to add more Calendar entries to your account.