Depending on what type of account you have with Keep&Share, your account is allotted a certain number of calendars. Free Basic plans get 1 calendar, paid Solo plans get 5 calendars, and paid Team accounts get 30 calendars per Team member. The maximum number of Calendars is what will always be available in your account, regardless of whether you are using all of your Calendars or not.

Since your account already has a fixed number of calendars, you will need to open up the "Manage Applications" dialog for your calendar. From this pop-up dialog, you can click on the check box to add a previously used calendar to your Navigator or you can click on the "Add Calendar" link.

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Follow the steps in the image below:

All of the calendars available to your account will be hidden from the Navigator until you choose to show them using this dialog. You can also choose to create calendars in bulk.

If you decide you need more calendars, you can either upgrade your account to a paid plan or purchase one of our expansion packs.

What if I don't see my calendar application?

If you don't see your calendar application listed in the Navigator on the left-hand side of your screen you may need to turn your calendar application on. Learn more about turning on applications.

Learn more about how to delete your calendar.