When you are creating and editing addresses in your Address Book, we give you the option to create up to 8 custom text fields and up to two custom date fields. This is so that you can add the fields of information to your contacts that you need. When you are importing addresses into your Address Book, you can also create custom fields of information in your .CSV spreadsheet that you would like to keep.

In the process of importing addresses to your Address Book, you can use our field name mapping system to chose where the fields of information in your .CSV file will go into Keep&Share. It is on this same screen that if you have a custom field in your .CSV file that is not in Keep&Share, you can create your custom field on the field name mapping screen. First, you will need to upload the .CSV spreadsheet file of addresses from your computer to your account using the “Customize” screen.

Once you have chosen and uploaded your .CSV file, you will be taken to the field name mapping screen. Follow the steps below to add your custom field:

Once you have created your custom field, you will be able to click on any of the drop-down menus in the field name mapping screen and your custom field will now show up on that list. That custom field will also be added to all of the addresses in your Address Book. If you want to change or remove this custom field, you can do so by going to the “Customize” screen for your address book.