You can apply different labels to your Document Folders and Folder Sets such as name and description. These can be for your own reference or they can be helpful for any Visitors to your Documents. You can change the labels for your Folders and Folder Sets in the “Customize” screen.

A Document Folder Set description provides further information about your Folder Set. This description will only appear when you hover your mouse over the name of your Folder Set in the Navigator. We advise keeping this label as short as possible.

The Document Folder Set name is the master label of your Folder Set. This name identifies your Document Folder Set in the Navigator on the left-hand side of your account screen and it appears at the top of your Folder Set when you are viewing that screen.

Follow the steps below to change your Document Folder Set name and description in the “Customize” screen:

To change the folder name and description you will first need to click on the folder in the folder set that you want to edit. Follow the steps in the link below:

Learn more about how to change the name of your Documents.