Calendar overlays allow you to create a combined view of your Calendars and/or To Do Lists by layering more Calendars or To Do Lists on top. If you assign dates to your Tasks on your lists you can create an overlay to use on your Calendars. This way you can view all of your Tasks and Events at once to make sure you never miss a date for a Task.

There are two dates that you can add to your Tasks: Start Date and Due Date. If you assign just one of these dates to a Task in your To Do List, then your Task will appear on the designated date in your To Do List Overlay on your Calendar. However, if you assign both a Start Date and a Due Date to your Task, then your Task will appear every day in between those dates in your Calendar. For example, if you have a Task that starts on the 5th and is due on the 8th, the Task will also appear on your Calendar for the 6th and 7th.

This means that your Tasks in your To Do List Overlay on your Calendar can have the following statuses:

  • Current - Tasks that are currently unfinished that have either not been set a start date or they have passed an assigned start or due date.
  • Overdue - Tasks that have passed their assigned due date.
  • Future - Tasks that have been assigned a start date that has not currently come to pass (ex. two weeks in the future).
  • Assigned to Me - Tasks that have been assigned to you.

These Task filters appear on the top of your list when you are viewing them in your To Do List application. However, you can also filter your Tasks in your To Do List overlay. This makes it easier to see only the tasks that you want to see on your Calendar. To filter your Tasks, follow the steps in the image below: