When you are viewing your addresses, the “Attach” button makes it easy to add information from your Address Book to your Calendar Events or To Do List tasks. The “Attach” button will be found at the top of your address, and when you click on it the information in your contact will be copied. This information will stay copied until you create a new Calendar Event or To Do List task, where the contact will instantly show up without any extra work by you.

Attaching your address information to an Event or Task

First, you will need to click on the individual address in your Address Book that you want to copy the information for. Once you click on the “Attach” button, there will be a pop-up dialog that appears. In this pop-up dialog, you can click on the checkboxes next to the fields of information that you want to be copied to your Event. After that, you can choose what Calendar or To Do List you want to go to and then click on the “Select Text to Copy” button to be taken to your Calendar or To Do List.

Please note that if you have a smaller browser window then the "Attach" button might appear as just an icon button rather than a full button. See the image below:

Once you have clicked on the “Select text to copy” button, you will be taken directly to your “Calendars” or "To Do" application screen. After that, all you need to do is click on the white space in any Day Box in your Calendar to create an Event or create a new Task in your list and your copied contact information will appear in the Event or Task description text field.

Once you have created your event or task, you will see that there is a blue link with the name of the contact whose information you copied. You or anyone you share your Calendar or To Do List with can click on that blue link and your contact's information will pop up in a new window on your calendar, making it super easy to access.

You can also clear all of the copied contact information that appears in the Event or Task text field and a link to your contact will still be added. This is especially useful if you want to quickly add the birthday or anniversary date of contacts in your Address Book. Another handy feature is when you attach an address to your events you can add a follow-up task directly to the Contact History.

You can also directly attach addresses to your events from the event editor.