There are two ways that you can search through your addresses, by using the “Search” function or by using “Filters.” Address Book filters allow you to search through each of your contact fields for specific information at the same time. For example, if you wanted to find someone named “Maria” who you know has a “Gmail” address, you can use the “Name” and “Email” filters to search through all of your contacts that match your search terms.

Note: Filtering text fields is a feature available only to paid accounts.

How to use filters to search through your contacts

The “Filter” button can be found as the “T” shaped icon at the top of your Address Book screen. When you click on that button, you will see a drop-down set of search fields appear on your Address Book screen. There will be a filter text field for each of the columns that show up in your Address Book. You can filter through contacts by email address, notes, name, birthday, and more.

As you type in your search terms in the text fields your addresses will automatically start filtering for you.

You can clear your filter so that you can enter a new filter search by clicking on the “X” button to the left of the search fields. To close the filter you can click on the "T" filter icon again highlighted in orange.

Note: If you are filtering your addresses by date, the date filter fields only accept the following date formats at this time: yyyy, yyyy-mm, or yyyy-mm-dd

You can also search through your contacts using multiple search criteria. If you click on the gray "+" icon, you can add an extra row of filter fields that you can search for. For example, if you can't remember if the contact you were looking for was named “John Smith” or “Joe Smith” you can use the extra row of filters to search for all contacts named either “John Smith” or “Joe Smith.”

Your Address Book screen will remember the filters you have chosen throughout your browser session, or until you manually clear them. Once you have found the contacts you were searching for, you can export or print only the contacts that match your search criteria.