Your Address Book has two different kinds of views: List View and Card View. “Card View” is when all of your information for each contact is arranged in a “card” style format, that is, the information is grouped together in rows and it makes it easier to view all of the information for that contact at once.

Using the “Customize” screen for your Address Book, you have the option of choosing what kind of information you want to show. You can have as much or as little information showing for your contacts at once. This view also may be easier to read from when are trying to print your addresses. You can also click on each individual address to see all of its information on one page.

However, the "cards” in Card View have a fixed height. This means that if you choose to show more information than the “card” has room for, then you will not be able to see that information when you are viewing the list of addresses in either your Address Book or folder of Addresses. This view will not affect the information that is displayed when you click on an individual address to view the information for that contact.

Note: The field settings that you choose in your “Customize” screen will affect your entire Address Book and not just the individual folders of Addresses.

Choosing what information fields are showing in Card View can affect both the “Search“ command and the “Filter” feature, as what fields you can search through depends on what is showing when you are viewing your Address Book or folder of Addresses. What fields you can sort your Addresses by is also affected as you can only sort your addresses using the field types that are visible.

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