"Address Keywords” are special keywords that you can create and assign to each of your addresses. You can add keywords to your addresses when you are editing them. This is a helpful tool for when you want to find contacts from a specific group (such as "family") or from an event (such as a "networking meeting”). The "Keywords" field in your addresses is plain text only and can hold up to 500 characters.

Keywords cannot be separated by spaces and commas are not recognized. A useful way of keeping your address keywords separate from other information in your addresses is by adding a hashtag “#” before each keyword.

Note: Address keywords are a feature available only to paid Keep&Share accounts.

The address keywords will show up as a column in your addresses when you are in “List View” and as a row of information when you are in “Card View.”If you don't see “Keywords” as the name of one of the columns or if they are showing up in “Card View” you will need to change the settings of what fields show for “Card” view and what fields show for “List” view.

If you have an address keyword that you have previously used in your account and you would like to use it again, you can click on the “hashtag” icon. This icon will show a pop-up dialog that lists all of the keywords that are currently being used in your addresses. This makes it simple to consistently add the same keywords to addresses in your account. See the image below:

Once you have added keyword keywords to your addresses, you can use the “search” function or the “filter” command to find addresses with particular keywords. The “search” function will search all of your address fields for the keywords that you type into the search bar, and the "filter” command will allow you to search only the “Keywords” field for the information you type in.

See the image below for how to use the filter to find addresses with specific keywords.