When you are editing addresses you may find that you need to add more information fields to your contact. You can do this by clicking on the “+” tab at the top of your address record. This will add a second "Contact" tab with all of the same fields of information listed. You can even give this extra tab a custom name by typing a new name into the "Tab Name” field.

This feature can be especially useful if you are trying to enter multiple contacts or contact information for a company. Each new tab in your address record can represent the name of a person or a location.

When you are editing your address, you can edit the information on each individual tab. Once you are viewing the address record, the first tab in your address will show a combined view of all of the information found in the separate tabs. However, you can still click on the individual tab names to see the contact information for a single person or location.

If you later decide that you do not need the extra tabs in your contact, you can remove these tabs by clicking on the "Delete this Tab" button at the bottom of your address when you are editing it.