You can synchronize live calendar data with external, non-Keep&Share calendars using an iCalendar feed. The iCalendar feed serves as a direct connection between your Keep&Share Calendar and calendar programs outside of your Keep&Share account. Depending on which version of Microsoft Outlook you are using, you may be able to publish your Outlook calendar so that Keep&Share calendars can subscribe (bring in a copy) of the Outlook calendar into your Keep&Share account.  Subscription URLs have to point to a specific ".ics" file and the URL must end with a .ics extension. 

If you have the version of Outlook (such as “Office 365”) that allows you to access your calendars and other information from the internet in a cloud-based service, then you will be able to publish your Microsoft Outlook calendar to your Keep&Share account. This version of Outlook supports publishing calendar feeds that are web-accessible.

Use the search engine of your choice to search for videos from Microsoft Outlook on how how to copy the iCalendar feed for your Microsoft calendar. Outlook uses the term "publish" for their feature to provide an iCalendar feed. The iCalendar feed is called an ICS link and you should be able to find this option in the "Settings" section of your Outlook account. Once you copy the iCalendar feed for your Microsoft Outlook calendar, you can then follow the directions for publishing your calendar to Keep&Share.

However, if your Outlook is completely desktop-based, then there is no way for it to publish a calendar feed via the web. In this circumstance, you can only publish your Keep&Share calendar to Microsoft Outlook. This means your Microsoft Outlook calendar does not have an iCalendar feed and that you cannot publish your Microsoft Calendar into your Keep&Share account without publishing your calendar to some kind of online server.

You can export your calendar as a .ICS file and then import your calendar into your account, but any changes that you make to your Microsoft Outlook calendar on your desktop will not be transferred to Keep&Share.

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