The “View History” feature on each Calendar in your Keep&Share account will allow you to see who and when has accessed or edited that particular Calendar. The history will also include any time that you have visited or edited your Calendar. Although you can see a detailed report of your activity in your account (your “My Activity Report”) and a report of your friends’ activities in your account (your “Friends’ Activity Report”), the “History” button for your calendar will let you see all of the activity on that Calendar at a glance.

The “History” button is also different from Automatic Backups and History Logs. Automatic Backups provide a complete backup of your entire Calendar allow you to schedule regular backups of your Calendar. You can use the restore command to restore any backup file you choose. The Calendar Edit History provides a history of all edits made to a Calendar by any user with Edit Rights to the Calendar. With the Calendar Edit History, you can protect Calendar data with real-time backups and recover a deleted Calendar entry from an exported Calendar Edit History.

Accessing your Calendar view history

Follow the steps in the image below:

Once you click on the blue “Viewing History” link you will see the page will show all activity details for that Calendar for the last 60 days. This will include any time the Calendar was accessed by yourself or Visitors to your Calendar and any changes that might have been made.

When looking at your Viewing History for your calendar you may see several visits listed as "anonymous." Learn more about anonymous visitors.