By default, if you add more Events than a standard Day Box will hold, then your Events will be cut-off from view. The remaining Events or Event text in your Day Box will be hidden and a “more...” link will appear at the bottom of the Day Box. If you click on the “more...” link a pop-up dialog will appear on your Calendar and show you all of your Events for that day.

However, Keep&Share gives you the option of adjusting the row heights of your Calendars when they are in month or four-week view so that you can display all of your Event text at once. These are called flexible row heights. Flexible row heights on your Calendars give you the freedom to see at a single glance all of the Events you have for a month at once.

The flexible row height feature is also useful if you are looking to print your Calendar. However, changing your calendar to flexible row height will not allow your Calendar to print showing flexible row heights. In order to print your Calendar showing all of your Events and Event text, you must choose that option in the Calendar’s print dialog. Follow the steps in the image below: