When you are using Calendar Overlays you are able to edit any of your Events and Day Notes regardless of what calendar the Events or Day Notes are in. Keep&Share Calendars are designed such that if Calendar “A” is overlaid into Calendar “B” then you can edit the content of both calendar “A” and calendar “B” event when you are viewing that calendar content as an overlay.

When you click on an event in your calendar that belongs to a Calendar Overlay, you will see the Event Editor pop up and the name of the calendar that the Event belongs to and the account name owns the calendar. You can also click on the icon in the upper right-hand corner of the event to open the calendar that the Event or Day Note belongs to in a new window. See the image below:

This function also applies to our Drag-n-Drop feature. If you are using Calendar Overlays, you will be able to drag and drop events from the Calendar Overlay to other times and days in your calendar. You will notice that if you hover your mouse over an Event from a Calendar Overlay, that a dotted line will not appear around that Event. That dotted line indicates that the Drag-n-Drop feature is applicable to that Event.

You can also use the Side-by-Side Calendar View, you can compare multiple calendars at once and then drag events to different times on different Calendars. This Calendar View also enables to you to edit multiple calendars at the same time.