When you are changing Events in your Calendar, you generally use the Calendar’s pop-up Event Editor dialog to make those changes. The Event Editor gives you several options for editing your Events, including moving your Event to another date and changing the length or time of your Event. However, if you want to be able to change the date or time of your Event quickly, you can use Keep&Share’s “Drag-n-Drop” feature.

The “Drag-n-Drop” feature allows you to click on any Event in your Calendar and drag that Event using your mouse from one day to another, from one time to another, and change how long that Event lasts. This feature is available in Day, Week, Month, Event, Side-by-Side, and Year Calendar Views and you will be able to tell that this feature is active when you scroll over an Event and see a dotted line appear around that Event.

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Moving your Event to a different day

You can move your Event to another day in Day, Week, Month, Event and Side-by-Side Calendar Views. All you will need to do is click on the Event you want to move with your mouse, and while holding the click down, you can move your mouse and drag your Event to a new location. Please follow the steps in the image below (this Calendar is in Month View):

Moving your Event to a different time

You can move your Events to a different time using the Drag-in-Drop feature while your Calendar is in Day View or Side-by-Side View. However, in order for this feature to work you will need to turn on the Day Grid in your Calendar.

Moving your Event to another time will work the same way as moving your Event to another day. Follow the steps in the image below (this Calendar is in Day View):

Changing the length of your Event

To change the length of your Event, you will need to move your cursor over the top part or the bottom part of the Event. Your cursor will change from a normal arrow to a vertical arrow that points up. Click on the top or bottom part of your Event and while holding that click, drag the part of the Event up or down.

Note: When you are in Day View or Side-by-Side View for your Calendar, you will need to turn on the the Day Grid in order to use the Drag-n-Drop feature to change the length of your Event. The Day Grid in Day View and Side-by-Side View is also the only place you can change the start or end time of your Event using Drag-n-Drop.

Follow the steps in the image below:

You can only change the length of your Event using Drag-n-Drop while the Calendar is in Day View or Side-by-Side View.

Note: If you have a repeating Event, then dragging the Event or changing the duration of the Event will break off the Event you are editing from the rest of the repeating Events in your Calendar. This means the particular Event that you changed using the Drag-n-Drop feature will become its own Event and not be a repeating Event. The rest of the Events in the repeating schedule will stay the same.
Note: You will not be able to use Drag-n-Drop to move Events or Day Notes from Calendar Overlays, unless you are using Side-by-Side view. Read more about using Side-by-Side view below.

Moving Events from one Calendar to Another

The Drag-n-Drop feature is particularly powerful in Side-by-Side View. This Calendar View allows you to view multiple Calendars at once by placing separate Calendars side-by-side for easy comparison. With the Day Grid feature turned on for your Calendar, Side-by-Side view will allow you to move your Events to another date, another time, and even another date and time in a different Calendar. The Drag-n-Drop feature will allow you to change and edit your Events quickly across several Calendars, all without opening the Event Editor.

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