When you add a custom color theme or are using Event Tags on your Calendar, you may want to print a black and white version of your Calendar without all of these colors. By default, your Calendar will print in color but if you open your Calendar’s print dialog, there is an option that you can select to print your Calendar in black and white. Using this option will not affect any of the original Calendar theme or Event Tag colors on your Calendar. In the image below you can see the difference between printing your Calendar in color versus printing your Calendar in black and white:

Printing in black and white will change all text, background colors, and any applied Event tags to black and white.

Note: When you print in black and white, any Event icons or images that you have added to your Event will still print in color.

Printing your Calendar in black in white

Follow the steps in the image below to print your Calendar in black and white:

Once you click on the “OK” button, you can proceed with printing your Calendar as normal using either your computer’s print dialog or your browser’s print dialog. Learn more about troubleshooting printing problems.