User Notices and alerts are special messages generated by the Keep&Share team to bring your attention to specific updates or changes to your account. These notices and alerts will appear in your inbox on your Dashboard above your Notifications.

User Notices will tell you about any new updates that we have made concerning how Keep&Share works or new features we have releases. User Alerts will appear in an orange box and they will tell you about any alerts that are specific to your account. For example, we would give you a User Alert to tell you that your paid subscription is going to expire in two days and that you should turn on auto - renew.

Like with Notifications, any unread User Notices or User Alerts will have blue text and read messages will have black text. You can click on the notice or alert to read it, and then you can use the “Dismiss” button at the bottom of the message to remove it from your inbox, just like with dismissing Notifications.

If you do have a new alert or notice in your account, you will also see a yellow box around the small blue “inbox” icon that appears in the top right-hand corner of your Dashboard. Once you have read your notice or alert, the inbox icon will no longer have a yellow square around it. Learn more about the inbox icon.

User Notices and Alerts are different than Notifications because Notices and Alerts are only generated by the Keep&Share staff. You will not see either Notices or Alerts very often. All Notifications are only generated when a Visitor views, edits, or comments on anything in your account. These are the types of messages that you will see the most in your inbox. Learn more about Notifications.