Keep&Share provides you with three different reports: My Activity Report, My Friends’ Activity Report, and Total Page Views by Visitors. The first two reports provide you with detailed information about you and your Friends’ activities in each other’s accounts. These reports will show any edits, comments, views that have been made, when they were made, and the name of the item that these actions were made on.

The “Total Page Views by Visitors” report keeps track of the total number of views made by any Visitor to any of your shares or Share Page. The report is broken down by month and year and the total number of views for that month. The total number of visits made to your shares for the lifetime of your account is kept at the top of your “Total Page Views by Visitors” report page.

If you have not shared anything in your account, then the number of page views listed in this report will be for the total number of page views to your Share Page.

Accessing your “Total Page Views” report

Like with the “My Activity Report” and the “My Friends’ Activity Report” pages, you can access your “Total Page Views” through your Dashboard. These reports are kept at the bottom of your Notifications list. You will also notice that there is a number listed for the number of page views you have for the current month. Follow the steps below to access your “Total Page Views” report:

If you want to be emailed a summary of when there are new visits, comments, or edits on your shares, you can choose the frequency of these notifications in your Email Settings. You can also choose to have this feature turned off.