Keep&Share automatically sends you Notifications of freshly shared and/or updated information in friends’ accounts that is specifically shared with your Account Name. However, if the information is shared with the “Public” and your Account Name is not on the Share List, you will not receive a Notification until you “Subscribe” to that other account. Subscribing tells Keep&Share to “please notify me of Public shares.”

The “Manage Public Notifications” screen controls your subscriptions to other accounts, as well as whom you allow to subscribe to your account. When you share information with the “PublicShare Group, other users who are not on the Share List will receive Notifications if they have Subscribed to your account. Follow the steps below to access your “Manage Public Notifications” screen:

The “Manage Public Notifications” screen is divided into two sections: “My Subscriptions to Others’ Public Shares” and “Subscriptions to My Public Shares.”

My Subscriptions to Others’ Public Shares

The “My Subscriptions to Others’ Public Shares” will show a list of all of the Account Names whose Public Shares you subscribe to. As you can see in the image below, you will be able to click on each account name (in blue) to access that person’s Share Page. Clicking the red “remove” link will remove Account Names from these lists.

You can subscribe to a new account's Public Shares by typing in an Account Name in the text field next to “Account Name” and clicking on the “Add a Subscription” button. You will need to use specific Account Names when subscribing to another account (instead of using first and last name, email, etc.).

Subscriptions to My Public Shares

This section shows everyone that will receive a Notification whenever you create, edit, or comment on only Publicly Shared items in your account. The date listed next to each Account Name is when that person subscribed to your account. You can click on the green “subscribe to” link next to subscribe to the Account Names that you are not currently subscribed to. You can click on the red “remove” link and that person will no longer receive Notifications of your Public Shares.

This feature may come in handy for a variety of situations. For example, sometimes you might find your friend doesn't want to receive public Notifications from you. E.g., your friend is a work colleague but most of your public shares are for your family. In this case, you can simply block your account from ever sending public Notifications to the work colleague's account. They will still receive notifications if you have explicitly included their account name in a Share List. Think of this blocking capability as a sort of “Do Not Notify” registry.

You can also block all Notifications from other accounts. Learn more about Notifications and Subscriptions.