Keep&Share automatically sends you Notifications of freshly shared and/or updated information in friends’ accounts that are specifically shared with your Account Name. However, if the information is shared with the “Public” and your Account Name is not on the Share List, you will not receive a Notification until you “Subscribe” to that other account. Subscribing tells Keep&Share to “please notify me of Public shares.”

If you don't want to receive notifications from a particular user, the “Block Notifications” screen allows you to block their account from sending you Notifications. This will include any and all Notifications from the blocked account, regardless of whether that account has shared content privately or publicly. Think of this capability as a sort of "Do Not Call" registry. Here’s how to block other accounts from sending you any Dashboard Notifications:

Block Notifications From Other Accounts

When you click on the blue “Block Notifications From Other Account” link you will be taken to a screen where you can pick specific accounts to block Notifications from. Unlike our Friend Finder, you will need to use specific Account Names when blocking another account (instead of using first and last name, email, etc.). Learn more about finding friends.

Below the text field where you can type in Account Names to be blocked, there is a list of “Currently Blocked” accounts. Click the blue “unblock” link to remove an Account Name from the “Currently Blocked” list.

If you have subscribed to another user and you simply want to stop receiving Notifications of their Public Shares, you can stop subscribing to their account by using the Manage Subscriptions screen to remove your Subscription to them. You will then not receive any Public Notification messages of activity in that user’s account.

Learn more about Notifications and Subscriptions.