Task reminders are a way of notifying you about the upcoming start or due dates on individual Tasks. You will need to set a start date and/or a due date for a Task before you can set up a reminder. Besides sending Task reminders to yourself (one for the start date and one for the due date) you can also send Task reminders to anyone that you share your To Do List with or you can select specific friends to send reminders to. These reminders can be sent by email, text, or both.

Note: Sending Task reminders to others is a feature available only to paid Solo and Team accounts. You can send app notifications for free through the mobile Keep&Share app.

Before you can set your Task reminders, you will need to open the pop-up “Task Reminders” dialog. Follow the steps in the image below:

Sending Task reminders to all the people you’ve shared your list with

Once the “Task Reminders” dialog is open, follow the steps below to send a Task reminder to everyone that you have shared that To Do List with or you've assigned a Task to:

Sending a Task reminder to specific friends

You also have the option of sending a Task reminder to specific Friends or Share Groups on Keep&Share. In the “Task Reminders” dialog there is a blue link labeled “these friends” that you can click on to open up your Share List. Follow the steps below:

Note: If you give Edit Rights to individuals in your Share List, those individuals can then set up Task Reminders and Notifications using your Share List.

Learn more about how to send Task Reminders to yourself.