When you synchronize your iCalendar data with your Calendars in Keep&Share, you have the option of choosing how frequently you want Keep&Share to check your iCalendar feed for new information. By default, the options for frequency are monthly, weekly, daily, and twice a day.

But what if you are making updates to your iCalendar more frequently than twice a day? You have the option of increasing your update frequency to every hour, 30 minutes, or 15 minutes by purchasing one of our Expansion Packs. If you have a paid Solo account or Team account, any one of our three Expansion Packs will give you the option of increasing your update frequency. This option will appear automatically in your account as soon as you add the Expansion Pack. See below:

How often your Keep&Share iCalendar feed updates in an external calendar program is entirely dependant upon the host calendar. This means that it could take as much as 12 hours for your iCalendar feed to update. Keep&Share does not have any control over how often your iCalendar feed updates in external programs.

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