Keep&Share Calendars can’t be deleted from an account (though an entire account can be closed), but you can easily erase all or erase a section of content from your Calendar using the Calendar Erase feature. This feature is also useful in creating a blank Calendar to import a Calendar file into.

Tip: It's recommended to either create a backup or exported copy of your Calendar before erasing its content.

Erasing all of the content from your Calendar

First, you will need to click on and open the Calendar you want to erase. Then click on the gray “Customize” button in the blue bar above your Calendar and click on the “Data Management” tab. Then you'll need to click on the "Backups, recovery, & clean up" tab and the blue "Delete the entire calendar" link. Follow the directions in the image below.

This will open up the “Calendar Erase” screen, which allows you to review the Calendar data that you will be erasing. Once you have reviewed this information and are sure you want to delete your Calendar, click on the red "Save and delete the calendar" button. See the image below:

After you have clicked on the “Save and delete the calendar” button, you will be taken back to your Calendars application in your account.

When you have deleted all of the information in your calendar, your calendar will be renamed to "Calendar #12" (or whatever number your calendar is in your account). Any share settings or changes you made in the "Customize" screen for your erased calendar will also be cleared and restored to the new calendar defaults.

Your newly erased calendar will be hidden from your Navigator. If you want to re-use your newly erased calendar you may need to turn it back on using the "Manage Applications" icon at the bottom of your "Applications" card in the Navigator.

For more information on customizing the settings of your Calendar, visit the Calendar Settings solutions folder.

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