You can use both Automatic Backups and the Calendar Edit History to create complete copies of your Calendar. If you use both of these features together, they are a powerful way to copy and protect both current and past Calendar data.

Automatic Backups provide a complete backup of your entire Calendar allowing you to schedule regular backups of your Calendar. You can use the restore command to restore any backup file you choose. Automatic Backups are a complement to Keep&Share’s Calendar Edit History

The Calendar Edit History provides a history of all edits made to a Calendar by any user with Edit Rights to the Calendar. With the history log, you can protect Calendar data with real-time backups and recover a deleted Calendar entry from an exported History Log.

See the image below for the differences between these two features:

Manually create a backup copy of your Calendar

If you would like to create a backup copy of your Calendar by hand, you can export a copy of your Calendar onto your computer. You can later import that file into your Calendar, or create a copy by importing it onto a blank Keep&Share Calendar.