If you have a free Basic plan and you'd like more capacity we recommend that you upgrade your account to a paid Solo or Team plan. As a Basic account you cannot purchase expansion packs to add to your account.

If you have a paid Solo account or Team account and you would like to add more capacity or storage space to your account, you can do this by choosing one of three Expansion Packs during your subscription purchase. You can also add an expansion pack to your account later by upgrading your account.

Note: Expansion packs are not available to our legacy accounts (Pro and Premium). Legacy accounts will need to upgrade to a current Solo or Team account instead.

Both single-user Solo and multi-user Team plans can purchase additional capacity. Each Expansion Pack level adds more calendar capacity, file, photo & address capacity. Solo plans gain additional calendars as well. If you would like to see what each Expansion pack will offer in terms of additional space, please see our plans and pricing page.