Whenever you first sign up for a Keep&Share account, all new accounts start with a 15-day free trial of all the bells and whistles that come with Keep&Share paid plans. After that period of time, you can choose to upgrade your account to continue using the full suite of account features.

If you choose to upgrade your account one of the options that you can upgrade to is a paid “Team Plan.” A Team Plan is a type of paid plan that is based around multiple accounts that are all managed by one central master account. Team accounts always have multiple accounts and are purchased in “packs” starting at 3 accounts. Team accounts have all of the features of a Solo account plus bulk-discount pricing and tight integration and central admin.

The Solo Plan is intended for use by one person and can come with greater capacity for files, pictures, and more. Having a Team Plan will also make you eligible to add the “Self-Book” feature to your account, which is not available to a free Basic Plan. Learn more about Team Accounts and how to use them.

If you would like to know what features come with a Free Basic Plan as opposed to a paid Solo Plan or Team Plan, please look at our Compare Free & Paid Subscription Plans page.

Learn more about Keep&Share account plans and pricing.