Your Calendar’s time zone is important when you set up your Calendar's Events and Reminders. You can choose the time zone for your entire Keep&Share account in your Account Settings or you can choose a time zone for an individual Calendar in your account. However, you can only change the date format for your account in your Account Settings.

Note: Any changes that you make to this Calendar in the “Customize Screen” will only apply to the current Calendar you are viewing. The other Calendars in your account will keep their settings.

Choosing the time zone for your Calendar

To customize your Calendar time zone, you will need to click on the gray “Customize” button at the top of your Calendar screen. Once you are on the “Customize” screen, click on the "Calendar Display Settings" tab and then click on the "General settings" tab. To reach this tab follow the steps in the image below:

After you click on the blue “Account Timezone” link, you will see a pop-up window that lists all of the time zones available in a drop-down menu. Once you click on the drop-down menu you can select your preferred time zone by clicking on the time zone from the menu. Click on the “OK” button to save your changes.

Notes about the role of time zones in your Keep&Share Calendar

  • Calendar Overlays automatically adjust the time zones of source calendars accordingly to match the timezone of the current calendar on view.
  • iCalendar Subscriptions can be assigned their own timezone as well.
  • If you embed a calendar on a webpage, it will use the default timezone of your account unless you set a different timezone for that calendar.
  • Calendar email delivery schedules, event reminder schedules, and Calendar backup schedules are based on the calendar timezone that was in place when the Schedule was set.

For more information on customizing the settings of your Calendar, visit the Calendar Settings solutions folder.