With the Keep&Share Calendar Application, you can easily switch your Calendar between different types of Calendar Views to using the buttons provided in the upper left-hand corner of your Calendar screen. However, you can further customize the appearance of your Calendar view in the “Customize” screen.

If you want a quick want to duplicate your Calendar View formatting with another Calendar in your account, you can use the “Synchronize date and view with other calendars” feature. This option synchronizes the data and Calendar display with other Calendars that have this option enabled. This is not the same thing as a Calendar Overlay, where you are overlaying the Events of one Calendar onto another. This option only applies to the look and the behavior of the Calendar.

Synchronizing Calendar View and date with other Calendars

To synchronize your Calendar Views, you will need to click on the gray “Customize” button at the top of your Calendar screen. Once you are on the “Customize” screen, click on the “Calendar Display Settings” tab and then click on the "Legend & other settings" tab. To reach this tab follow the steps in the image below:

In order for this feature to work, the “Synchronize date and view with other calendars” box must be checked in all of the Calendars you want to have matching displays and views. When this feature is enabled any change you make to one Calendar, such as the Calendar View, this change will also be reflected in any other Calendar with this feature enabled.

Learn more on calendar views in the Calendar Views solutions folder.