In the Keep&Share Calendar application, you can easily switch your Calendar between different types of Calendar Views to using the buttons provided in the upper left-hand corner of your Calendar screen. However, you can further customize the appearance of your Calendar view in the “Customize” screen.

The “day grid” is the grid that shows up in your Calendar when you are looking at your Calendar in “Day” view and "Week (Column)" view. The day grid will show times in regular intervals for a specific length of time. See an example below:

Customizing your Day View

To customize your Calendar day grid, you will need to click on the gray “Customize” button at the top of your Calendar screen. Once you are on the “Customize” screen, click on the “Calendar Display Settings” tab and then click on the "General settings" tab. To reach this tab follow the steps in the image below:

In this tab you can customize the following options for the day grid in your Calendar while it is in “Day View” or "Week (column)" view.

  • Whether or not to show the day grid
  • The “Start” and “End” times for the days in your day grid
  • Customize the time slots or intervals shown in your day grid
  • Whether or not to show the specific Event times for each Event in the day grid
  • The height of your day grid time slots

In the last option (“Always show Day Grid event times”), this can be a useful feature if, for example, your day grid is in hourly intervals but you have a meeting that starts at 2:45pm. See the image below:

Note: Any changes that you make to this Calendar in the “Customize Screen” will only apply to the current Calendar you are viewing. The other Calendars in your account will keep their settings.

You can also customize your Day Grid settings by navigating to "Day" view or "Week (column)" view in your calendar and then clicking on the "Adjust Day Grid" tab in the Calendar View drop-down menu. Follow the steps in the image below:

Hiding the day grid

To create the largest day boxes possible for your Calendar, (which is ideal for journaling) you can customize your calendar's day view by hiding the day grid in your calendar. Then click on the day view button to choose how many days (1-7) you would like displayed at a time on your calendar.

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