Keep&Share provides you with methods to organize your Calendar Overlays and how they appear on your Calendar. If you want all of the events from your overlays to be group together separately from the rest of the events on your calendar, you can turn on the "Combine Overlay Events & Notes" feature. This will group all of your overlay events together with any Day Notes in your calendar.

All Day Notes from your Calendar and Calendar Overlays are grouped together, and all of the events are grouped together. Where these Day Notes appear on your Calendar will depend on your Calendar view, but they are usually separate from the rest of your Calendar.

Below is what your calendar will look like if "Combine Overlay Events & Notes" isn't turned on. All of the events from your overlays and in your calendar will show up in chronological order. In this view the Day Notes are shown at the bottom of the Day Box:

If you turn "Combine Overlay Events & Notes" on, then you will see all of your Calendar Overlay events will be grouped together by overlay. This means that your events will no longer show in chronological order. The Overlay Events are listed below the Day Notes. See the image below:

We recommend that if you do turn on "Combine Overlay Events & Notes" that you also turn on "Show Overlay Titles." This will make it easier to see which events belong to which overlay. See the image below: