Once you have established a list of Overlays on your Calendar, you can customize how those Overlays appear on your Calendar.You can choose to either use the colors created in the Overlay’s Source Calendar, or you can use Keep&Share’s color picker to edit the text and background colors that appear in your Overlay. The color picker is located in the Overlays management dialog.

Reminder: Customizations made to the appearance of an Overlay do not affect the appearance of that Overlay's Source Calendar.

Adding Custom Colors to your Overlay

When you choose colors for your Calendar Overlay, these colors will be applied to all Events from that Calendar. Each Calendar Overlay can have its own colors.

You can also add colors to your Overlays by adding a border to the Calendar Overlay. After you've clicked on the "Assign Custom Colors" box you'll see the option to choose a border style. Once you've chosen a border style you can then choose a custom color for your border. See the image below:

Using borders can be a helpful way of distinguishing events from your Overlays versus events that are on your calendar. The "left border" in particular helps to clearly group and label events from your Overlays. See the image below: