Your Event Tags are located in a list on the left side of your Calendar screen. When you first create Event Tags, the tags will show up in the order that they were created in this Event Tag list. The order of the Event Tags in this list is important for when you are applying multiple tags to an Event.

If there are multiple tags applied to your Event, the Event will be the color of the Event Tag that shows up first in your Event Tag list. For example, you have three Event Tags labeled “High Priority,” “Higher Priority,” and “Highest Priority” in three different shades of red. “Highest Priority” is first on your Event Tag list and “High Priority” is third on your list. Assign all three of these tags to one Event like in the example below:

Once you have assigned these tags, you will see that in the Event editor that “Highest Priority” shows up first on your list. Since this tag is the first on your Event Tag list, the colors for “Highest Priority” will show up on your Event in your Calendar.

Changing the order of your Event Tags

If you want a different Event Tag to show up first in your Event Tag list you will need to change the order of your tags. You can do this using the “Event Tags & Overlays” management dialog. Again, whichever event tag is listed first that you applied to your event will have the colors of that event tag. Follow the steps in the image below:

Once you have moved the “up” and “down” arrows on the Event Tags & Overlays management dialog, the changes will be instantly reflected on your Calendar and your Event Tag list.

Note: The order of the Event Tags in the Tags & Overlays management dialog also controls the order of untimed events on your calendar.