You can add as many Event Tags to an Event as you would like. When you add an Event Tag, you will have access to a pop-up dialog that lists all of your Event Tags. You can click on the boxes next to these Event Tags to apply them to your Event.

Each of your Event Tags can have its own unique colors and icons assigned to that Event Tag. Any colors that you choose for your Event Tags will override any Event colors you have added for your Event once you have applied the tag. In the example below, you can see an Event that was assigned colors for the text and the background within the Event editor. You can see what happens before and after an Event Tag has been assigned to that Event.

Using Multiple Event Tags

If there are multiple tags applied to your Event, the Event will be the color of the Event Tag that shows up first in your Event Tag list. For example, you have three Event Tags labeled “High Priority,” “Higher Priority,” and “Highest Priority” in three different shades of red. “Highest Priority” is first on your Event Tag list and “High Priority” is third on your list. Assign all three of these tags to one Event like in the example below:

Once you have assigned these tags, you will see that in the Event editor that “Highest Priority” shows up first on your list. Since this tag is the first on your Event Tag list, the colors for “Highest Priority” will show up on your Event in your Calendar.

By the same reasoning, if you turn the tags off in the Navigator, the colors that show up for your Event will also change depending on the order of your Event Tags. For example, if you turn off the “Highest Priority” tag in your Event Tag list your Event will then show the colors for the “Higher Priority” tag, since it is second in the list. See the example in the image below:

Learn more about turning Event Tags on and off.

You can change what Event Tag color shows first when multiple tags are applied to your Event by changing the order of your Event Tags. Learn more about changing the order of your Event Tags on your Event Tag list.

If you don't want the Event Tag colors to override your Event colors, you can choose this option in the Event Tag editor dialog. Learn more about keeping your original Event colors.