The number of Event Tags that you can create depends on what kind of Keep&Share account you have. Free accounts have two Event Tags and paid accounts have eight tags. If you have used all of the tags available in your account, the “Create New Tag” button will be replaced with a "Get More Tags" button in the “Event Tags & Overlays” management dialog to indicate that you can no longer add any more tags to your account.

However, if you have a paid account and are interested in adding more than eight Event Tags to your account, you can purchase extra tags. Keep&Share offers add-ons to your account so that you can purchase extra storage space, Event Tags, and more. Click on the blue “Purchase more” link in your “Event Tags & Overlays” management dialog to see the add-on options you can purchase.

If you do decide to purchase extra Event Tags, you can have up to 120 tags in your account. This is the maximum number of tags we can allow without slowing down the function of your account.

Going from a paid account to a free account

If you move from a paid Keep&Share account to a paid account, any extra Event Tags not covered in your account will become inactive. For example, if you have used the full ten Event Tags for your paid account, the bottom eight of these tags will become inactive once your account becomes a free account. The extra Event Tags are not deleted from your account. They will turn gray to indicate that they are not available for you to use any longer.

However, if you decide to go back to a paid account, these same tags will become active again. This allows you to keep all of the account data that you have created and not have to re-make your reactivated Event Tags from scratch.

If you need more Event Tags than your account has, you can always purchase one of our expansion packs.