There may be an occasion where not all of the Event Tags in your Event Tags list are currently applicable to the Calendar you are viewing. For example, let's say you have a Calendar for all of the exercise classes you go to and a Calendar for all of your business meetings. The Event Tags that you use for your exercise Calendar most likely won't be the same as the tags that you use for your business Calendar.

Keep&Share gives you the option of being able to hide your Event Tags using the “Tags & Overlays” management dialog. When you hide Event Tags in the management dialog, the tags will be “invisible” on your Event Tag List. The Event Tag list on the left side of your Calendar screen will not show any tags that have been hidden.

Hidden tags are a simple way to keep your Event Tag list clean and relevant to the Calendar that you're on, without having to delete any of your Event tags.

How to hide Event Tags

Once you hide your Event Tag, it will not show up in your Event Tag list on your Calendar.

Notice that when the Event Tag is hidden, it shows as an "eye” icon with a slash through it. This is different than an inactive tag (showing at the bottom of your Event Tags list) which also shows as gray text. Inactive tags are Event Tags that are no longer active in your account because you either had a paid account or an add-on which allowed for extra Event Tags, but you are no longer paying for them.

Inactive tags will still show up at the bottom of your Event Tags List on the left side of your Calendar screen. You can also hide those inactive tags from your list.