You can create Event Tags by using the “Event Tags & Overlays” management dialog. When you create an Event Tag, you can choose the name of the tag, the color of the tag, and an icon for that tag. This tag will be available to all of the Calendars in your account so you will not need to create a duplicate tag for each Calendar.

Note: Depending on your account, there is a maximum number of Event Tags that you can create.

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How to create an Event Tag

Before you have added created any tags in your account, your Event Tags and Overlays lists will show as a single gray line of text that says “Event Tags & Overlays.” You will need to click on that text to see the pop-up “Event Tags & Overlays” management dialog to add tags. If you have already added tags to your account, you can click on the gear icon next to “Tags” to add new Event Tags.

After you have created your Event Tag, it will show up on the left side of your Calendar screen listed under “Tags.”

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