Event Tags” are tags that you can use to label and color-code your Calendar Events. These tags are consistent through all of your Calendars in your Keep&Share account and help you to visually link together similar Events very quickly.

When you create an Event Tag you can assign a custom name, a specific color, or icon for your tag. These tags will show up on the left side of your Calendar screen and you can turn them on and off. When you turn a tag off on the left side of your Calendar screen, it will hide the Event from your Calendar too. This allows you to see only the Events that you want to see.

Event Tags allow you to group specific Events by subject. For example, if you have multiple phone meetings on your calendar, you can mark them all with an Event Tag that shows the Event as purple and with a phone icon. Now you can see all of your Events that are phone meetings, regardless of whether they're with the same person or not.

Note: Event Tags cannot be shared with other accounts unless you are on a Team plan. Any Event Tags created in the master account for the Team will automatically be shared with all of the team members.

You can use event tags to group events by:

  • location
  • team member
  • job
  • project stage
  • and more!

You can have endless combinations of text colors and backgrounds for your event tags. We recommend choosing colors that have high contrast (light text on dark backgrounds and dark text on light backgrounds) for maximum legibility.

Learn more about Event Tags.