The “Friends” tab on your Dashboard will list all of your friends on Keep&Share. This tab is located in the green box on your Dashboard next to the “History” tab. By default the “History” tab will show first. To see your Friends List you will need to click on the “Friends” tab.

When you click on your “Friends” tab you will see a list of your Friends. This list will show the name of your friend on the left side of the tab and the Account Name of that friend on the right side of the tab. If you do not see any friends listed in this tab that means you haven’t added any friends to your account yet. Learn more about adding friends.

By default your friends are listed in your tab in order of whose items you most recently visited. If you look at the bottom of your Friends’ List you will see two icons: the icon on the left will list your friends in alphabetical order, and the icon on the right will list your friends by the default settings (the date you accessed their shares).