There are two ways that you can organize your “Friends’ Activity Report.” You can use filters, or you can click on the columns in your report.


When you access your “Friends’ Activity Report” you will see a small box labeled “Add a Filter” on the right-hand side of the screen. This menu is where you can add up to four filters to your “Friends’ Activity Report” to look for specific information. The four filters you can add are:

  • Name – Search by name or Account Name of the person that performed the actions in your account
  • Action – Search by comments, edits, and/or visits
  • Title – Search by title of the application
  • Date Range – Search using a specific start and end date

These filters work identically to the filters in your “My Activity Report” which pertains to your actions on Keep&Share. The only difference is that you can filter by “owner” in “My Activity Report” and filter by “name” in your “Friends’ Activity Report.” Learn more about:


Your “Friends’ Activity Report” will be divided into four columns of information: Action, Title, Owner, and Date. By default your “Friends’ Activity Report” will be arranged by date, starting with most recent activity and ending with the latest activity.

However, you can organize the information in this report using any of these column categories in ascending or descending order. For example, you can click on the “Title” column and your “Friends’ Activity Report” will list information in alphabetical order starting with “A.” If you click on the “Title” column again, your “Friends’ Activity Report” will be listed in reverse alphabetical order.

This column organization works identically in your “My Activity Report” for your actions in Keep&Share. Learn more about column organizing.