Keep&Share keeps track of all of your Friends’ and Visitors’ activity within your account. This includes and views, edits, or comments others have made on information that belongs to you in your account. This is known as your “Friends’ Activity Report.” If you want to see your “Friends’ Activity Report” you can click on the blue “See Friends’ Activity in My Account” link at the bottom of your Notifications list on your Dashboard.

When you click on this link, you can see a detailed list of everything that your friends have viewed, commented on, or edited on applications in your Keep&Share account.

Your “Friends’ Activity Report” will list the name of the person that accessed your information, the action they took on your application, the name of the application, and the date that the activity took place. You can click on the blue title of the application to access that application directly.

Anonymous visitors

If your friend was not logged into Keep&Share when they visited your information, the record will show the Account Name as “anonymous.” This only happens when you have shared information with the “Public” group, since Keep&Share requires an individual to log in before granting access to any protected information.