When you access your “My Activity Report” you will see that your report has been divided into four columns of information: Action, Title, Owner, and Date. By default your “My Activity Report” will be arranged by date, starting with most recent activity and ending with the latest activity. You can organize the information in this report using any of these column categories in ascending or descending order.

For example, you can click on the “Title” column and your “My Activity Report” will list information in alphabetical order starting with “A.” If you click on the “Title” column again, your “My Activity Report” will be listed in reverse alphabetical order. See the example below:

You'll see an arrow with a “Z/A” or “A/Z” to indicate that you have clicked on that column to organize your “My Activity Report” by that column, with the exception of the “Date” column. With the “Date” column you will see a “0/9” or “9/0” to indicate what numerical order your “My Activity Report” is in.