When you access your “My Activity Report” you will see a small box labeled “Add a Filter” on the right-hand side of the screen. This menu is where you can add up to four filters to your “My Activity Report” to look for specific information. The four filters you can add are:

  1. Owner – Search by name or Account Name
  2. Action – Search by comments, edits, and/or visits
  3. Title – Search by title of the application
  4. Date Range – Search using a specific start and end date

If you are reading your “Friends’ Activity Report” the “Owner” filter will be replaced by “Name” but the filter will still work in the in same way that the “Owner” filter does.

The information on your “My Activity Report” will only apply to the items that you have viewed, edited, or commented on. If you want to learn about the activities of others in your account, you will need to go to “See my Friends’ Activity In My Account.”

Learn more about “My Activity Report” filters: