“Notifications” will appear in a list in your inbox on your Dashboard in the middle of the screen. You will notice that each Notification is divided into its own section by application type. For example, if you have a Photo Album name “Trip Photos” it will have its own white horizontal bar. If you click on the title of the Notification (ex. “Trip Photos”) you will be taken directly to the shared item that the Notification concerns.

Each Notification will list the name of the application that has a recent activity on the left side of the white horizontal bar. On the right-hand side of the bar you will see the name and the Account Name of who the application belongs to and a number in a circle. The number indicates how many Notifications there are for that particular item.

This is what your Notifications will look like:

Viewed vs. Not Viewed Notifications

The number in the circle indicates how many recent activities there are pertaining to that application. If the text of the Notification is in blue, that indicates the Notifications have not been viewed. If the text of the Notification is in black that indicates that the Notification has been viewed.

Viewing your Notifications

When you scroll over your Notification, you will see a blue “Show Details” button that appears on the right-hand side of your Notification. If you click on that button, there will be a drop-down list that expands below your Notification that lists all of the recent activities on your Notification.

The Notification Details will show what kind of activity has been made, who made the activity, and the time and date the activity was performed. The three kinds of activities you will see are comments, edits, and views. If you are viewing a Notification about changes made to a Calendar in your account or that has been shared with you, the Notification will give extra details on what date was edited and what event was edited or added and when. This feature is only available to paid accounts. See the image below:

With your Notification expanded, you can click on the blue “Hide Details” in the upper right-hand corner of your Notification to hide all of the activities again.

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