Keep&Share gives you an easy way to add holidays to your calendar all at once by using Calendar Overlays. The set of holiday dates will work as a second Calendar that you can overlay onto any Calendar that you have created in your account. This saves you from having to add them manually to your Calendar and the dates for holidays are automatically added for all of the years in your Calendar. You can also turn this holiday Calendar Overlay on or off as necessary.

How to add a holiday Calendar Overlay

The holiday Calendar Overlays cannot be edited by you in your individual account. If you cannot find a holiday that you want to be added to your calendar, you can either create a new Calendar Overlay and add your holiday to that or you can contact us.

Once you have clicked the checkbox next to the holiday Calendar Overlay you want to add to your Calendar, you can click on the gray “Close” button to close out of the “Manage Overlays” section of your Calendar. The holidays are automatically added to your Calendar and will appear in red. See below for an example:

When you are adding a holiday Calendar Overlay, you have the option of choosing from the following Calendars from the drop-down menu:

  • U.S. Holidays
  • U.K. Holidays
  • Canadian Holidays
  • Australian Holidays
  • Irish Holidays
  • Mexican Holidays
  • German Holidays
  • French Holidays
  • Protestant Holidays
  • Catholic Holidays
  • Jewish Holidays
  • Islamic Holidays
  • World Faiths Holidays