If you want to see how your Share Page will look to Visitors to your account, you can use the blue “View” link in your Share Page settings. The “View” option allows you to preview your Share Page and make sure that your Share Page is showing the information that you want it to show. This also allows you to check to see that your Share Page is the direction to your preferred initial screen.

Accessing your Share Page View

You can also preview your Share Page by going to a browser where you are not logged into your Keep&Share account and “pasting” your Share Page URL into the browser's address bar. This is a useful method for testing how your Share Page looks when someone else is not logged into Keep&Share. This means that if you are showing your Navigator on your Share Page, you can check to see which items are showing up to someone viewing your Share Page publicly, as opposed to someone you have shared specific items with from your account that have not been made public.