The “Configure” option in your Share Page settings allows you to choose whether you have a Welcome Message (which can include text, pictures, and any text formatting you want) or the layout of your page (which can include background colors and margins).

The Configure page also gives you the option of choosing what features from your Keep&Share account to show. You can choose to show the Navigator, the Keep&Share banner, and your Shares.

Accessing your Share Page configurations

Choosing your Share Page layout options

Once you have accessed your Share Page configuration options, you can choose what displays on your Share Page. All of these options will only affect the layout of your Welcome Message page and not the layout of any of your Shares (such as Documents, Calendars, Photo Albums, etc.).

By clicking on the square checkbox next to “Navigator” “Top Banner,” and/or “Shares,” you can choose to show or not show those items on your Share Page.