When you are importing To Do Lists, you have the option of importing .CSV files (Comma Separated Values). You can save an Excel Spreadsheet as a .CSV file and you can import To Do List information from that spreadsheet directly into Keep&Share. By using the field names below to label your information in a .CSV file, you can make sure to import all of your address information into the correct fields within Keep&Share.

List of Supported CSV Field Names

These are the field names recognized when the To Do application imports a CSV file:

  • Summary — plain text
  • Start Date — readable date string e.g. 8/11/2014
  • Due Date — (same)
  • Finished Date — (same)
  • Description — plain text, append to summary text
  • Status — blank or COMPLETED
  • Priority — 1 to 10; 10 is “unprioritized”
  • Importance — 1 starred, 2 unstarred
  • Category — name of the list (defaults to “ToDo List”)
  • LinkText — plain text
  • LinkURL — url text
  • LinkDetails — plain text
  • NoteLinkText — plain text
  • NoteContent — HTML text

.CSV file example

Here is a sample CSV files with To Do information you can download and edit and test:

If you download this file and import it, the CSV field formats should be easy to understand. This file will create 2 To Do Lists: “Import Test 1” and “Import Test 2.”